Residential Shrub Fertilizer – Mount Pleasant and Daniel Island, SC

  • Did you know that your shrubs, bushes, and trees need fertilizer too?  They are living, breathing organisms just like your turf/grass turf/grass.  We offer a program (similar to our turf program) that fertilizes and controls both insects and diseases in your bushes.  This program applies products (in a liquid form) to the foliage of all your shrubs/bushes/trees (10 feet and under).  This allows for rapid absorption throughout the entirety of the plant vs simply applying granules to the root system (which is frequently covered by mulch or pine straw).
  • If so, please let the office know and we can give you a quote for our 5 Visit Shrub Fertilizer & Insect & Disease Control package.   This will make your bushes greener, fuller, more vibrant, and resistant to disease.
Shrub Trimming Mount Pleasant, SC